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European Youth Card in Lithuania

European Youth Card is a personal card, available to young people under 30. It is valid for 1 year and can be revalidated each year until the holder reaches the age of 30. The card is issued in 38 European countries. More information on European Youth Card in Europe find here.

European Youth Card gives an access to wide discount network all over the Europe. All available discounts in Lithuania you can find here. You can save on cultural programs, travelling and accomodation, places of leasure and entertainment.

You don’t have European Youth Card yet? CONTACT us!

Information about Lithuania you can find here!

Free muffin when buying any coffee;
11 Lt - Mc Chicken Medium;
11 Lt - 2 double Cheese Burgers;

-10% discount
Lithuanian, Chinese and Italian food
-10% discount
for food delivery service to home
-5% discount to travel packages
Special prices for flight, bus, train tickets
Special prices for insurance
-20% discount on some routes bus tickets for youth
-20% discount on car rentals
-50% discount on entry to Trakai Island Castle
-25% discount for services (paintball)
-15% discount for segway rent
-35% discount on entry to open air museum of the Centre of Europe
-40% discount on accommodation in hotel "Best Western Vilnius"

More discounts in Lithuania? CLICK here!

Whatever it is that brings You to Lithuania, we give You a warm welcome and hope You will enjoy Your stay!

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